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Kiwanis is Helping to Bridge the Digital Divide Locally by Giving Chromebooks to Youth in Need .

2020 was characterized by remote work and virtual learning, but some children didn't have the tech resources to stay connected. Kiwanis rallied.

Kiwanis Eastern Ottawa donated computers to local kids in need to help bridge the digital divide that was emphasized by virtual learning over the course of the last 18 months.

The pandemic put a spotlight on the digital divide among Ottawa youth, and your Kiwanis Club sprung into action. We are so proud to have been providing computers to as many children in need as possible to help bridge that divide.

We are working closely with the Ottawa Carlton District School Board and Ottawa Catholic School Board to ensure that the Children and families in need are identified and receive the required technology in a timely manner. While the school boards are currently accessing and distributing computers from within available school inventories, they are being provided on an extended loan basis and will have to be returned when the current crisis passes. This leaves these children and families back where they started.

Computers donated by Kiwanis will remain the property of the recipient children. Donating a computer that the child can keep is a longer term solution as it will help close the academic and social gap that exists with lower income families.

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