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Entire Year Supply of Youth Helmets Courtesy of Kiwanis Help Ottawa Children Play and Prosper Safely

Kiwanis Eastern Ottawa Est provides funding for one year’s worth of helmets for kids across Ottawa in a donation to Ottawa charity organization “Helping With Bikes".

Kiwanian Randy Born hands off the first of a year's supply of youth helmets to Bob Fitzgerald of Helping With Bikes.

Ottawa, ON. Children across Ottawa will benefit from the Kiwanis Eastern Ottawa Est (formerly Kiwanis Club of Orleans) through its donation of a full year’s supply of youth-sized helmets to the Helping With Bikes charity program.

Launched under the banner of Helping With Furniture, Helping With Bikes aims to provide adults and children with functional bikes as an affordable means of transportation and a source of exercise and safe, wholesome fun. The organization has been in operation since 2014 and to date has provided over 1200 bikes to the Ottawa community.

“We are so grateful to Kiwanis Eastern Ottawa Est for their generous donation to our common cause,” says Natalie Maione, president of Helping With Furniture. “We work tirelessly to give families around Ottawa the opportunity to get off on the right foot, and this contribution is a profound help. It means that our bikes are handed over to kids in need with the necessary safety equipment that they otherwise may not be able to afford.”

Active in Ottawa since 1988, Kiwanis Eastern Ottawa Est is recognized by the programs it has launched including Kiwanis Adventure Park at Millennium, sKreamers, World Trivia Night, The Staples School Bus Program, O Canada Orleans at Petrie Island, and many more. The programs operated and supported by the club are linked to the Kiwanis International mission to strengthen communities by helping kids locally and around the world.

In Helping With Bikes, Kiwanis found a common goal of improving the lives of our youth.

“Kids need Kiwanis now more than ever as we emerge from a gruelling 18 months of serial lockdowns, and this donation is an example of how our club can meet a community in need,” said Adam Polka, director of public relations at Kiwanis Eastern Ottawa Est. “We want to give kids the chance to be kids, and we believe that Helping With Bikes is doing just that. We are privileged to support this program and ensure that these recipient kids are able to enjoy their new bikes safely.”

Kiwanis Eastern Ottawa Est welcomes new members who want to serve their community. Information about becoming a member is available at or by email at

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