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Feeding Families and Fostering Community Values Through Local Businesses

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Last month, Kiwanis Eastern Ottawa Est donated thousands of dollars to local community center food banks to help stock the shelves for the unprecedented demand they were facing. While this demand continues to surge, we encourage everyone to continue this important community work by donating and contributing as you are able.

To extend our efforts to support local families in need, in coordination with three local community resource centres, we have identified some incredible families who have been facing higher cost of living than when their foster kids were in school and had lunches/activities paid for by other programs. A wonderful family meal at a local restaurant, we have been told, would be quite the highlight as they have been a bit more stretched than they ever anticipated.

Our club has started up a program where we are 'donation matching' any local restaurant that will donate gift cards, which we are then donating to foster families in and around Orleans. We hope that this encourages our local businesses to step up in a big way, and we sincerely hope that our matching contribution helps to support the local businesses that are so important to the work we do around the community.

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